Joyful on Purpose began as a humble online journal to keep family and friends in the loop as my husband was dying of cancer. It blossomed into a (still humble) blog and became my outlet, my mechanism for processing grief, and way of keeping a promise to my husband that I would share our story and pursue my dreams. At the time my dream was just to write, in some form, and find a way to give back because of the gratitude I felt toward those who had helped us in those trying months. What has unfolded is a larger dream, and a scarier one at that, but one that I now know has been growing inside of my soul for years! I am writing to share my story in book form and pursuing the dream of helping others through one-on-one coaching with those who are facing grief and wondering if there will ever be happiness again.

I can tell you that, YES, there will be happiness. Not only that, there already IS joy! Joy? Yes, there is joy in every day. Sometimes it laughs so loud it cannot be ignored, but often it whispers so softly you will have to listen with intention in order to find it.

My purpose is to help you celebrate the loud laughs and learn to hear the soft whispers as you feel the emotions and experience the ups and downs that come through grief. I will help you find Joy on Purpose.

In caring for my husband as cancer ravaged his body and mind, I learned that there is a tremendous amount of joy to be found in heartache and loss. That may sound impossible when you feel like your world is collapsing and everything you know and love is changing without your consent! But it is true and I’m the gal who can help you bring this joy to light! Joy is found in the most unlikely of places as you navigate through grief and loss and I can show you where those hiding places are. Together we will unearth the joyful treasures in your life.

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If you are struggling in your grief and are interested in chatting with me about it, please fill out the form below and we’ll get started on our quest to find all that “= Joy”

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A Disclaimer… because, let’s face, it, there’s always some fine print! 

What I’m Not: I am not a professional counselor, psychologist, or therapist. I don’t have a degree or title after my name. In fact, the title before my name has even changed from Miss, to Mrs., and now to Ms.

What I Am: You can read a more full version here, but this is me in a nutshell: I was a wife for 19 years and 8 months, I’m mother of two grown sons, a homeschool parent, former full-time homemaker, former waitress, virtual assistant, yogini, lover of books, nurturer by nature, blogger, do-gooder, and spreader of joy. And… I have faced heartache and grief firsthand, cared for a man daily as he prepared to die, and found joy in the middle of all of it. I’m still on my journey through the grieving process, to be honest, and it’s quite a road to travel. I’m a compassionate listener and I want to leave the world a more joyful place by having lived in it!

My Heart, In the Words of Others…