Please feel free to leave messages for our family. They are treasured and are a source of comfort. We are honored to have crossed paths with so many and thankful for those who loved us through not only cancer, but our entire 20 years together.

Brian D. Lawson

March 25, 1974 – May 28, 2012

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  1. Hey Brian. I have written to your wife several times, but never directly to you. After catching up on the journal I just felt the need. I have read every entry and it has become for me a part of my day. I look forward to her writing. She is so talented and honest.

    But she also has share much about you. I have always thought of you as a principled, hard working, discipline guy who was a great father and a pretty neat husband. All things worthy of admiration. But in this challenge you have been facing a new picture has emerged for me. A picture of a person who could have been depressed and negative, but refuses to do so. You find a way to inject humor into the situation, that for most people it would be hard to find anything humors. You have a strength and a love for life that is amazing to see. I know that it has never been you guys’ intent to change people’s lives, but you have. You make me see life much differently in many good and useful ways. I have always been a fairly positive person. Read about you has made start seeing even the little things in life as valuable and the problems in life, just not that big. I have a new appreciation for those I love and cherish the time with them. You are truly an inspiration. I am glad I know you. Even more excited to know you are a part of my family.

    Thanks to both of you for all you are sharing. I am glad you have made us a part of the journey.

    Lots of love and prayers

    • I had no idea Brian was sick. I have not seen your family since you were attending McGregor. I did see you one day at Publix! Actually, I think we saw you and Brian recently at Carrabba’s! I am so sorry for your loss. Our family will be praying for you. We will keep Jordan close to our heart and special prayers for him. If you have a need, please contact us. In Christ, the Erickson Family, Bill, Regina, Wes, Jalen and Jorden

      • Regina, you did see us last fall at Carrabba’s! We were there for a birthday party and ended up meeting someone that night who would later be on Brian’s pain management team at Health Park. Funny how connections happen!

  2. Brian, I love your sense of humor. It was so much fun to laugh with you Tuesday evening. The privilege of being your mother-in-law is a precious gift. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Jan

  3. Good Morning Brian!
    Glad you have been feeling pretty good as of late….Thinking and praying for you each day! It’s a rainy day here in SW FL. Good sleeping weather, but it’s off to work I go.
    Hugs from afar!

  4. Brian & Jacque. I checked with my cardiologist today for his updated view on flying out there and he said I could make up my own mind, but he advises against it. I really wanted to come and see you, if only for a short time, but I am going to have to follow his advice. Brian, you known I Love you loads, as grandma would say. Brian jr and I are friends on FB and I usually give him a comment every once in a while. He is a great reflection of you and Jacque, as I am sure Jordon is also. It is a great comfort to me to know them and to see your soul has influenced them to be such great young men. I will always remember you and cherish the times we spent together camping, goofing off and just being. Now God will be your caretaker. Peace and joy to you as you travel through the heavens. Love ya-as always, Uncle Dave…………………

  5. Thinkin about ya bud!! Glad you get to spend some time with Brian Jr soon. Keepin you all in my prayers!!

  6. Brian, Jacque & fam,
    I wanted to let you know that I pray for you daily and think of you all the time. I wish we were closer to see you all and help out. I appreciate and enjoy your blog Jacque. You are a strong woman! I am learning to keep the faith and be positive about everything as well and it is a great feeling! We love you all very much and are sad about what is to come, but knowing where Brian is going makes it all much easier. I know that I don’t know you or your family that well, but I want to thank you for always making me feel comfortable, no matter what! I love you!

  7. Love yall and pray nearly every day for you and your families. Thank you for blogging. I’ve been changed by your stories, thoughts, and observations.

  8. My heart goes out to Brian and the family. I worked with Brian and boy did he have a voice…LOL But what a great person and fun person to be around. I have been following the journey with you and your family and I thank your wife for allowing us to share in the writings here in this journal. I’m almost embarassed to write on here because she is remarkable at putting words together. But I had to post something, you have left a mark in everyone’s heart. Please if there is anything your family needs please reach out to me. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in your family!

  9. Dear Brian, Jacque, Brian Jr. and Jordan,

    Just wanted to comment that we think of you all very, very often.We are also sorry that our vacation plans that would have taken us by to see you had to be canceled. We’ve missed laughing with you all for quite a few years. So sorry for the pain in your body, Brian!

    A tribute to Brian: the guy who always had the one dog hair on his plate at our house. Hugs to all.

    Love and prayers, Betty & Scott

  10. Dear Brian and Jacque,
    Dave and I are friends of Alleyn and Judy (Jacque’s dad) from our Salt Lake City days. As they shared their prayer request for Brian with us via email, my mind drifted back two years ago to my brother’s final days with cancer. It was difficult to say good by to him but that was selfishness on our part. We are now thankful that his suffering is over. God gave my brother the ultimate healing, going home to be with Him. We look forward to being with my brother again some day in the future and we are so thankful for the beautiful memories. We pray that God will be very close to you during these very difficult days. May He be your source of strength and comfort. You and your family are in our prayers.

  11. Dearest Jacque:
    The news hit this morning like a ton of bricks… heartbroken Brian’s gone, so relieved he’s not suffering. So amazed at your strength, so in awe of your love and faith. Brian was my friend. He was my co-worker. He was my inspiration. God showed him mercy and let him rest. It was a privilege to know him, i was blessed to call him my friend, i was blessed to have him in my life. I continually pray for you and your boys… love and friendship, mikey & michelle libertella

  12. I am touched my Brian & your family’s story. My mom has stage 4 melanoma with brain metastases and leptomeningeal metastases. Prayers for you guys.

    • I am so incredibly sorry that your mom is having to go through such a difficult cancer. If you need someone to talk to, please let me know… I mean that. My thoughts are with you. Thanks for reading our story.

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