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Joyful Creativity


Art. It used to be part of my every day. I used to draw a lot, paint a little, and sculpted once or twice. I used to make pieces of jewelry with tiny seed beads and wire and stones. I used to make lovely little things out of paper and ink, leaving my hands gloriously messy. Then I got busy with other things – mainly life – and art projects and creativity began to take the back seat more regularly, then the trunk, then the dusty corner of the garage.

I’ve heard before that if you have a talent you should use it so you won’t lose it. I think there’s a degree of truth to that. Once upon a time I played the flute, but now I can’t even read music. Every now and then I will sit down and draw something, but it does feel a bit foreign and the pencil doesn’t create lines quite the way it used to in my hand.

One of my goals and dreams over the next year is to actively create. Drawing, painting, designing and, of course, writing. It’s a little scary, if I can be truthful. My son, Brian, is an incredible artist. His talent astounds me and makes me a little jealous. Okay, a lot jealous! But he has also been a source of encouragement. We’ve had a few talks about art and the practice of creativity. He’s admitted that it can be difficult for him too sometimes, to get the lines just right, especially when it’s been a while between creative periods.

Well, tonight I sat down to write a letter to my fairy princess pen pal. The other day she sent me the most beautiful card. It had hibiscus blossoms and leaves intricately cut by her hand on the edges of the paper. So pretty and the perfect accent to the words she penned, which brought tears to my eyes! So, what did I decide to create in return? A skull… But she loves skulls. Really, she does! I sat at my desk and got out my pens and started designing a sugar skull with her in mind, putting in a few small touches that I hope will make her happy because they reflect pieces of her I find endearing.

It was great to get my hands messy again, even on something as simple as a hand-drawn card. Creativity is one of the greatest gifts we have, in my opinion. It takes on many forms, art being one of my favorites. Finding our expression through art is marvelous. Seeing the world through the eyes of other artists can be moving, in breathtaking or unpleasant ways, bringing all sorts of emotions to the surface.

My little sugar skull is by no means a masterpiece, but tonight just the simple act of creating it brought me happiness and joy. My goal is to find joy in every little thing. This little thing counts.

A Little Art = Joy