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Two Cents and Some Joy


While this photo has a nice sentiment and fits nicely with what I want to say, it is also a plug for my fellow do-gooder and peace lover, Noelle. Click on it… be inspired and buy her stuff!!

I’m actually writing this without knowing the outcome of the election (it’s Tuesday and many of you are still standing in lines at the polls as I type), so the following is my opinion regardless of who will take the office in a few months. I don’t always vote and, quite frankly, this year the only reason I did was that the ballot was delivered by mail. Yes, I completely understand that I have the right and, some would say, duty to cast my vote and participate in the process. However, there have been times when I was not informed on any issues or candidates and felt it was more my duty to sit out than cast an unintelligent vote.

This is my two cents, a rare political post that probably won’t reveal much about the direction I lean. Two cents is precisely what I feel my opinion is worth in the big piggy bank of viewpoints! Take it or leave it and judge it if you like.

This year has been the single most difficult year of my entire existence. It’s tested me physically and emotionally in ways I did not expect. There were moments I wanted to go to sleep and wake up after everything was over… and other moments I just wanted to sleep and never wake up. It became a year where I had to question and carefully examine my views on healthcare and social security and taxes and, most importantly, humanity outside of those issues. I’ve been sad and even frustrated and irritated at the hateful and hurtful things said about people, not just candidates, during this political season.

This year I did mail in my vote, a mixture of heart and head decisions. However, I don’t feel this has been the most important election ever. I doubt there will be any sort of life-altering transformation in policies that will fix everything because at this point, frankly, that’s next to impossible to achieve in four decades, much less four years.

I may be hopeful today or I may be a disappointed…I’ll never tell. But one thing I will always be, regardless of who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office is this: respectful. No matter what man or woman holds that title, I have a duty to myself to be the kind of person who respects the process, however flawed it may be, and respects the person, however flawed he or she may be. I only need to look in the mirror to find an example of a flawed person. Any time I show a lack of respect I believe it says more about my character than anyone else’s. I’ve let myself down plenty of times that way, even in the last couple of days.

So, for the next four years, and the following four after that, and 12 more after that… okay, basically forever, I’ll make sure that I wake up every day and decide for myself how I’m going to live, no matter who is running the country or how much or little I pay in taxes: respectful, happy, and joyful. On purpose. Some years, like this one, will probably be filled with grief and others will probably be a breeze by comparison. Life simply happens and it usually doesn’t consult us on every event. But I get to decide my reaction… or, better yet, my response, to every event, every challenge, and every day – the good and the bad. I will choose to respond with respect, kindness, compassion, understanding, and joy. Those things get my vote every time.

My Everyday Vote = Joy