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It’s been interesting and heartwarming that through these last 8 1/2 months (wow… time doesn’t only fly when you are having fun; it also flies when you feel life falling apart) I’ve been introduced to a whole community of online women who are about peace, joy, harmony, growth, life, happiness, love, and all other forms of ooey-gooey goodness.

May I confess something? I’ve been extremely distrustful of females for a very long time. I’ve also been an untrustworthy female (let’s just keep it real). This is a generalization, so don’t be upset ladies. Sometimes, women can be incredibly hurtful to each other. We’ve all experienced it – our own version of Mean Girls – at one time or another. But over the course of a few years I’ve slowly gathered for myself a tribe of women who love me fiercely and unconditionally. They are honest, even when it hurts. They cheer for me, even when they are not enjoying success. They cry with me and hold my hand (even via Internet) when it’s all they can do. They laugh with me. They share their sadness with me. They trust me and I trust them back. It’s pretty fantabulous.

Can I confess something else? I wasn’t really ever picked for teams in sports (because I stink at sports). In fact, I was usually handed to the team with the last pick! As a general rule, I don’t go out of my way to join groups of any kind. So, over the last few months, I’ve been surprised to find myself drawn to groups… “clubs” if you will… and I’ve even been sought out to join some of them. It’s kinda been like being picked for a team. However, these groups don’t play games and there aren’t trophies and tournaments. They are, well, tribes. Yeah, I like that word! They are tribes of ladies who just want more ooey-gooey goodness in the world and want to be part of making changes in their own lives and the lives of others. They want to find more joy… I can say with some confidence that I don’t stink at that!

Tonight I’m just overflowing with thanks to the women who have shown me that down deep we are pretty darn good and we have the capacity to open our arms wide to people all over who might not be feeling peace, joy, harmony, growth, life, happiness, love, etc. It’s been nothing less than an honor to find myself among such lovely souls. Tonight I get mushy and send out virtual hugs, kisses, love, and much JOY to all of them.

Beautiful Tribes = Joy